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3 years ago

Help Using a Report Formula for a Line Graph


I want to visualize some data but am not entirely sure it's possible.

I currently have a multi-select text field in a table. I want to create a line graph showing the number of times per day each of those multi-select text options is selected.

So the x axis would be "date", the y axis is "# of times selected", and the graph has many series - each series being one of the individual multi-select text options.

I've been toying with report formulas and have figured out how to pull out one of the selections per formula. And the series references the report formula. I could make a report formula for each selection but still am only able to select the one series, so am not sure how to get the graph to display them.

Is there a way to have a formula that counts the number of times each of the multi-select options is selected?

Thanks for any help!

Harrison Ray

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